New Builds

When creating great new buildings; don’t just subcontract the BMS to the M&E contractor, else you will get the same ludicrously expensive BMS system from one of the well known manufacturers. Our recommendation is:

  • Get us in at the design stage. At no cost, we will help you specify the BMS system – and – no, it won’t just be around HeatingSave.
  • We will help you plan for the future with regard to energy management, comfort conditions and security.
  • We will, with others, bid for your valuable business – and let the best BMS system win!
  • Place the BMS contract separate to the general M&E contact. Remember, your client will still be running the building long after the construction people have left site.


Refurbishments or partial refurbishments are an idea time to install HeatingSave as this sort of work often involves something old and something new being brought together. It could well be that replacing boilers or other parts of the HVAC system is too expensive to do within the budget. Here, the beauty of HeatingSave is that our control system will much improve the performance of old equipment, enabling the architect/designer to achieve far more than we expected by the client within the budget.

Always get us in early at the design stage so that we can discuss your plans. We are experts in energy reduction measures. Refurbs are also a great time to install hidden cables for TRV’s, sensors and zone valves so that they stay hidden from view but achieve their desired results in improving the energy efficiency and energy management/consumption of the building.

Electric or any type of heating

No matter what type of HVAC or AHU system you are considering, a HeatingSave BMS will give you far more for your money, which is bound to impress your clients. It might well be that you are not considering the aforementioned as they are too expensive for the budget. Well, with HeatingSave you might be able to install a user friendly modern control system for the price of a simple control system. The key is to get us in early at the initial design stage – it costs you nothing.