Building management systems (BMS) that offer emote control of your heating/cooling HVAC from anywhere. Managers can check settings, costs, heating diaries and more from a PC, laptop, tablet, Smart Phone or mobile device.

HeatingSave Building Management Systems (BMS) are the world’s 1st off-the-shelf Building Energy Management and Monitoring (BEMAM) Systems that have been specifically designed to help larger organisations improve their overall energy efficiency, reduce their carbon footprint and slash energy-related overheads.

Fully scalable from a single building to a large international network of multi-site businesses with multi-boiler heating/cooling systems, HeatingSave Building Management Systems will replace your existing heating time-clock or BMS system to take control of and better manage and reduce your energy use.

HeatingSave manages heating boiler(s), pumps, valves, immersion heaters, heat pumps and air conditioning units, AHU’s, HVAC. The system comprises one or more HeatingSave Intelligent Controllers (T3520’s), each with a number of sensors measuring the outside temperature, room, hot water cylinder and heating flow & return temperatures, relative humidity (RH), carbon dioxide (CO2), Light levels (LUX), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and Sound levels to measure minute-by-minute consumption of gas, electricity, oil and water and the environmental conditions in which people work.

The HeatingSave BEMAM system will efficiently and cost effectively manage and reduce your energy expenditure, as well as alerting you via email or SMS messaging of equipment failures and process warnings, enabling you to take action, often before your co-workers are even aware a problem has occurred.

The automatic processing nature of the HeatingSave controllers maintain comfort conditions and will give you peace of mind. Utility bills and other manually input data combine with automatic data from our control systems. The advanced control software gives you full control over the costs, CO2 statistics, ESOS data requirements and graphical pyramid reporting of energy usage of entire business. A first class energy management system so that you can better manage the ever increasing energy bill.

Compatible with almost every make of natural gas, oil, LPG, electric and heat pump system, each HeatingSave Controller can manage multiple boilers connected to a common flow and return header.

Renewables such as Solar PV and Solar Thermal systems are also catered along with the intelligent management of heat dumps and electricity load balancing.

Built into HeatingSave is the ability to control solar panels (flat panels or the more efficient glass evacuated tube type) and use these to heat or pre-heat hot water cylinders. Multiple configurations of panels ranging from those in a southerly position to east/west configurations can be managed by HeatingSave.

Temperature sensors are placed within the panel (or panel flow), on the return and within the zone to be heated. HeatingSave uses these to control when the solar circulation pump is switched on and off.

Up to four “heat dump” zones are managed by HeatingSave. These typically will be hot water cylinders, (one or two coil types), heat stores, swimming pools or even a heated towel rail. Provision is made for a changeover control valve on each zone so that heating priorities can be set depending upon the amount of solar radiation available.

Fully scalable building management systems from a single building to a large international network of multi-site businesses with multi-boiler heating/cooling systems.


HeatingSave Building Management Systems (BMS) with Monitoring (BEMAM) key features:

  • Multiple heating/cooling pattern control with an integrated diary function so the heating is not on during weekends or holidays unless the building is being used
  • Heat-loss algorithm manages multiple heating/cooling zones applying energy at the last moment or switching off early to minimize energy usage. Variable Thermal Response by measuring the boiler flow and return pipes, varying the heating system temperature to meet the demand requirements.
  • Automatic outside temperature compensation and climate control
  • Room Booking system for variably occupied rooms such as meeting rooms and auditoriums
  • Gradient control of room temperatures at different times of the day.
  • Sequencing and demand management of complex multiple boiler systems and preventing “dry cycling”.
  • Hot water priority, varying boiler temperatures automatically. Automatic summer hot water decision between electricity and gas, whichever is the cheapest.
  • Automatic occupancy detection allowing the temperature to reduce to a background when areas are not used and quickly brought up to temperature when they are being used.
  • Night setback temperature, reducing the night heating by a few degrees to still keep 24/7 operations warm whilst saving energy and money.
  • Fuel efficient frost protection by using the residual heat within the heating system.
  • Air quality and environment management of CO2, relative humidity, volatile organic compounds and sound levels with HVAC and the latest heat recovery extractor fans.
  • Web based and mobile software to create heating patterns, heating diary management, room bookings, email alerts, manage & plan energy costs. Multiple graphical and site schematics allow you to manage thousands of buildings, their infrastructure and maintenance.
  • No database license fees, Linux based system using MySQL
  • Government approved by the Department Of Business, Energy and Industrial strategy (Energy Technology List and is applicable for the Government Enhanced Capital Allowance), Energy Saving Trust and OfGem CERT approved.

A typical HeatingSave setup

How HeatingSave Works

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Technical Specifications

In the box

  • Processor Unit
  • Relay Cable
  • Link Cable
  • Keypad & Cable
  • 4x Temperature Probe Sensors
  • (6x Temperature Prove Sensors in Enterprise)
  • 1x Temperature Room Sensor
  • (2x Temperature Room Sensors in Enterprise)
  • Security Screwdriver

What’s included in the Enterprise edition of HeatingSave

HeatingSave Enterprise comprises:

  • HeatingSave multi-boiler Intelligent Controller
  • 4 temperature probes
  • 1 room temperature sensor
  • 2 occupancy sensors
  • HeatingSave Small Business PC software
  • Installation instructions

Additional sub-unit controllers are 70p per day and multi-boiler controllers £1.40 per day. These additional networked sub-controllers add 8 analogue, 8 digital inputs and 8 relays at a time to the standard system, to a maximum of 13 sub-controllers per main controller; but millions of controllers can be added to a system. The only limit being a unique Internet IP address.

Organisations that will typically benefit from HeatingSave Enterprise will be multi-sited private and public sector facilities including the MOD, the emergency services, schools and academies, public authorities, civic buildings, warehouses, depots, factories, commercial offices, high rise flats, sheltered housing, hospitals, care homes and healthcare centres and high rise office blocks.

System Capabilities

  • Heating Zones 40
  • Pumps 50
  • Valves 40
  • Immersion Heaters 40
  • AirCon Units 40
  • Lights/Sounders 100
  • Solar Panels 30
  • PIRs 150
  • Sensors (Temp/Light) 100
  • Switches 150
  • Sub-Devices 20
  • Heating Patterns 100
  • Diary Entries 4,300
  • Pattern On/Off Times 1,500
  • User Defined Actions 600
  • Intruder Zones 30

Product Dimensions