bms for public sector

Public Sector cost cutting

Pressure on public sector spending, means that HeatingSave should be your system of choice, when wanting to monitor utility spending and cut energy bills. Working on all building archetypes, it gives you minute-by-minute consumption data which is in sufficient detail to enable good cause and effect analysis to be done. Many estates have a variety of control systems ranging from simple time clocks to BMS controls each of varying age. Installing HeatingSave now, give you a platform for the future allowing more systems to come on-board as replacements, renewals and refurbishments take place.

Energy management and reporting

All public sector organisations have report their energy consumption and publish plans as to how these can be reduced. Here again, installing HeatingSave provides the platform for doing this. You can start off with a simple, inexpensive system and add to this over time. There is no software license per site or other hidden costs.

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