Room booking system software

The Room Booking System is a part of the Hall Energy & Security Management System (HESM) manufactured by HeatingSave. HESM is a complete turn-key system, that replaces your existing heating time clock to provide your hall or similar building with an inexpensive, all-in-one Energy Management, Room Booking and Security Access Control system. Although HESM normally uses an Internet connection for you to access its software, it is possible to use it as a stand-alone system locally using Wifi.

The room booking part of HESM allows users of halls and buildings to rent out various areas of the building and control booking logistics, quotations, deposits, collection of monies and management of accounts simply by using a Browser and the Internet.

  • Room temperatures can be set depending upon the customer’s requirements. For example, the Fitness Class might want 18°c whilst the Toddlers play group might want 21.50°c.
  • Analysis software to view different income streams, total income and unused potential.
  • Email alerts when deposits are due and other deadlines.

Energy management

Replacing your existing heating time-clock, HESM takes control of, and better manages, the energy you use. It controls heating boiler(s), pumps, valves, lighting, immersion heaters and air conditioning units. Each HESM has a number of temperature sensors that measure the external outside temperature, room temperature, hot water tank and heating flow & return temperatures. This part of HESM typically cuts your heating bill by between 20% and 50% by matching the heating (or cooling) system to the building usage. HESM is based upon our HeatingSave product, which is a government approved* energy cost reduction system.

  • Room Bookings are automatically translated into Heating patterns by the software so the heating perfectly matches the buildings use. Heating is automatically turned down when heating zones are not in use. no more – accidentally forgetting to switch off the heating!
  • Heating diary lets you make instant changes
  • Automatically turns down the boiler in warm weather and up when it’s cold.
  • Automatic occupancy sensors turn down the temperature to a background level when areas are not used and quickly brought up to temperature when they are re-occupied.
  • Heat-loss algorithm learns the “heat loss profile” of each heating zone within your building, switching on the heating at the latest possible time – later if its warm and earlier if it’s cold
  • Automatic summer control of immersion heaters, reducing electricity consumption.
  • Hot water priority varying hot water temperatures based on demand.
  • Fuel efficient frost protection by using the residual heat within the heating system and building.
  • Software shows the total kWh’s consumed and CO2 produced.
  • Use our Room Booking system or automatically (typically in the middle of the night), import CSV files from other Room Booking Systems to produce future Heating patterns.
  • Graphs and schematics show exactly what has happened and what is happening right.
  • Sequencing and balancing of multiple boiler systems and “dry cycling” prevention.
  • Automatic BST/GMT clock change.
  • Optional extras to monitor/manage gas, electricity, solar PV generation and water consumption – with over consumption email alerts.
Heating start time

Traditional time clocks set the heating to come on at a particular time. Most are a ‘24 hour clock’ and cannot vary the times throughout the week, wasting fuel at weekends, often when the rooms are unoccupied. Even a 7 day clock cannot cater for Bank holidays, holidays, shut downs or periods when the building is empty. With HESM you can change a room temperature requirement over 1,000 times a day – yes, each day – giving you 100% control of the heating to meet your needs in summer, winter or throughout the year. The choice is yours! Temperatures can be set to suit the way you run your building and the people using it.

Turning on the boiler

Your current heating time clock is set for the coldest days in winter to turn on your boiler so that rooms are warm when the building is used. It does this irrespective of the outside temperature – because it doesn’t know it. In winter, the outside temperature first thing in the morning can be -5°C on one day and +12°C the next. HESM has a Heat-loss algorithm and uses this to calculate the “heat loss profile” of each heating zone within your building. Using this together with the current outside and inside temperature, it works out the absolute latest time to switch on the boiler for the rooms to be warm for when you want them. Equally, HESM switches off the boiler early on warm days at the end of the heating period. Your existing boiler control is manual, with you turning it up in cold weather and down in warm weather; but you have to remember to do this with fluctuating outside temperatures. HESM does this automatically for you.

Automatic occupancy detectors

Connect our infra-red occupancy sensors to HESM and the heating will automatically turn itself down when nobody is around but automatically turns up the heating when people arrive and need to be warm. All of this happens automatically without you having to do anything – whilst HESM keeps the occupants warm and saves money. Fuel savings for buildings with variable occupancy can be in excess  of 30%.

Tampering with controls

In some buildings, people adjust the heating controls and waste fuel. This is what happens; people feel cold and turn up the heating thermostat. Instead of making a small adjustment, they turn it on full and when they get too hot, they open the window. If this sounds familiar, then HESM is perfect for your building.

Firstly, you can set HESM to get the temperature right, so people don’t feel too hot or too cold. Secondly, if people feel too cold, they can hit a “boost” button to increase the room temperature. The heating will be turned up for a while BuT will then automatically turn back down – keeping them at a comfortable temperature, and saving money (plus CO2 emissions too). HESM is tamper proof, with password protection to the settings and a separate password for the supervisor function.

Fuel usage

HESM counts the minutes each day it switches on and off the boiler(s), immersions, valves and pumps. This is to prove the saving over your existing time clock and to calculate the amount of energy used. The longer HESM has been installed, the more it saves, as the microprocessor continually refines its mathematical thermal algorithm of your property. The software displays how much your heating is costing. For those with oil-fired systems it can predict how much oil is left in the tank. HESM also uses the Carbon Trust’s own fuel conversion factors to calculate your total kW hours usage and the total amount of CO2 you have produced.

Frost protection

Frost thermostats have the inherent disadvantages of thermostats and always switch on the heating. HESM initially turns on the heating pump, distributing heat from one part of the building to another. only when this is not enough will it switch on the boiler and then only using the minimum amount of fuel to keep the frost at bay – savings of 2%+ of fuel can be achieved.

Smart card access control

Connect one of our Smart Card readers to HESM and you can manage who uses the entrance door, car park barriers and turnstiles; granting people access depending upon the rules you want to set.

No more searching for keys or people left out in the cold – permanent or temporary access can be granted as you see fit. For example, you might want to limit access of a maintenance repair person to the date/time they are to be on site, whilst other people might have more general access.

  • Access control 2 doors. (3 to 5,000 more doors can incorporated using additional Smart Card controllers).
  • Holds details on up to 1,000 Smart Card users. 1,000’s more can be added using additional HeatingSave products).
  • Smart Card does not need to be removed from a wallet or purse to be used – reads as fast as you walk.
  • Email warnings & alerts.
  • Fire panel input to automatically open doors when fire alarms are activated.
  • Speech output announcing flagged arrivals and security (available at additional cost).
  • Intruder alarm output for forced entry with email alerts.
  • Power fail battery backup (available at additional cost).
  • User feedback and warning lEd’s.
  • Audible alerts.
  • Tamper detection.
  • Easy to use web enabled software allows remote monitoring and control.
  • Adheres to international security standards applicable to Access Control systems; En50133 parts 1, 7 and 2; gW18, pC79 and dd243I2002.

HESM continuously saves access transactions and alarm events in it’s non-volatile cyclic buffer memory, so that you have a complete security audit trail of what happened and why?

Fire / smoke alarm and intruder management software

Smoke and fire

Smoke detectors can be connected to HESM so that if they are triggered they not only sound their internal alarm but also HESM can use spare relay outputs to activate other sounders and email alerts to others of the problem. The software user can also create action-alerts against room temperature sensors so that if they exceed their normal operating temperature an automatic email alert is generated. Here, low and high set-points can be actioned with email alerts.


HESM has an intruder alert system built into it which can be set/unset locally or via an Internet connection. Any rooms that have occupancy sensors to better manage the heating can also use these to:

  • Activate intruder alarms
  • Send warning emails

If people are detected when intruder zones area armed and people are not expected to enter. Intruder zones can be disarmed via:

  • The Internet
  • locally via a switch
  • using Smart Cards when bone-fide people enter the building or protected areas.

Alarms and email alerts can also be activated if access controlled doors are forced open.

Smartphone app

Manage HESM from anywhere in the world!

The Hall Energy & Security Management System (HESM) comes with a full suite of ready-to-use software applications accessible via a smartphone app (iOS and Android compatible). The software stores minute-by-minute transactions, providing you with the data necessary to control all aspects of the building’s energy usage, performance and security. All the data is stored locally, within the HeatingSave controller at the core of HESM, and it’s very easy to access – even when an Internet connection is not available, as opposed to cloud-based systems. Another great feature of the smart phone app is that it “talks” to you, warning of critical conditions that require you can take immediate action. The beauty of this system is that you do not have to be at the property where the problem occurs. Speech alerts also are particularly useful for night-time wakeup calls or for those who are visually impaired.

  • Update the heating diary based on specific requirements
  • Heating and security warning alerts (including voice notifications) so you know what’s going on when you are not there
  • Customizable alerts give you only the information that you want to receive
  • Automatically control fuel and energy costs when you are away
  • Manage access control permissions right on your mobile device