HeatingSave App

The HeatingSave Smart Phone app, called HSapp, works on iPhones and almost all other Smart Phones. HSapp is designed to allow the user to monitor and control the basic functions of HeatingSave including heating/cooling, lights and similar devices, meter consumption, security and alerts. It’s a great way for busy people to stay informed and in control whilst on the move.

Depending upon the Smart Phone, download HSapp from the Apple AppStore or the Android PlayStore. HeatingSave is password and security encrypted so you know you can safely use it. Tell HeatingSave when you are going to sleep and it will call you in the morning and let you know of any problems that you should know about whilst you were sleeping. HSapp will wake you with a detailed speech alert for urgent things like intruder break-ins, water floods, smoke/fire alerts and other Actions that you priorities as important.


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