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HeatingSave – Overview

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Thinking about installing a HeatingSave low-cost building management system (BMS) to cut your energy bills by 20-30%+, but you’re not exactly sure what the system comprises and how it works? In this series of videos we will explain exactly what HeatingSave is and how it can control your boiler and heating system in order to achieve significant energy savings.

Customer video testimonials

In this series of videos, our customers do the talking. We visit some of the locations where HeatingSave is installed and see first hard just how well it works – controlling heating and slashing energy bills.

Energy & Environmental monitoring

The HeatingSave Energy & Environmental Monitoring System collects environmental & energy use information from sensors placed within a building. Find out more about how you can monitor internal and external temperatures, air quality parameters including carbon dioxide, relative humidity, volatile organic compound levels, along with details regarding energy use.

Equipment temperature and condition monitoring

The HeatingSave monitoring system is the ideal way to provide an “early warning” of failure in the motors and other electromechanical devices found in refrigerators, freezers, compressors, heat pumps (both ASHP and GSHP systems) and numerous other products.

HeatingSave mobile app

The days when you needed to operate your building management system via a clunky controller on the wall or even via a PC are long gone. With the HeatingSave Mobile App, you can enjoy full control over your heating system at your fingertips – as well as voice alerts, geo-fencing and much, much more.

Wired and wireless TRVs

Should I use Wireless or Wired TRVs for zoning? Creating heating zones is the surefire way to attain significant energy savings. You can achieve this by using either wireless or wired TRVs. So which one is the best for you?

Access control

Each HeatingSave controller or sub unit can have up to two smart card readers attached to it. This allows the system to be expanded to a significantly large access security system.

Solar PV

The HeatingSave low-cost Building Management System (BMS) can be used for controlling solar PV installations. Export as little as possible to the grid in order to maximize your savings.

Air conditioning units

HeatingSave uses occupancy sensors to ensure that aircon units are switched off when nobody’s around -saving energy and money. Make the most our of your aircon, enjoy a cool working environment, but cut your bills as well.

Things you need to know

CT/VT Valves. What are CT/VT valves ? How do the CT/VT valves work? Find out in the following videos showing the HeatingSave Building Management System controlling a live heating system featuring CT/VT valves.
Destratification fans. What are destratification fans? How do destratification fans work? How can HeatingSave control them and help you reduce energy costs? Find out more in this series of videos.
Single Room Heat Recovery (“SRHR”) Extractor Units. What are Single Room Heat Recovery (“SRHR”) Extractor Units? How do they reduce the risk of mould and improve air quality? Find out in the following video where we explain how HeatingSave controls a SRHR unit.