Not all the rooms are used at the same time

Medium sized homes have many of the characteristics of large homes. For example, large utility bills. You probably don’t normally use the lounge at the same time as you use the bedroom, and the bedroom not at the same time as you use the dining room. HeatingSave allows you to program each room separately. You can install the system initially to control the general heating/security and then as you decorate/refurb areas, chase in the small cables to allow you to implement zone control in every room. Matching the heating profile to your lifestyle is the key to making significant reductions in your fuel bills; even more so if your home is electrically heated.

Spare bedroom and rooms randomly used

The ability to program the heating differently for each room allows you to program in advance when guests are coming. You can put it in the Heating Diary months or year in advance and forget about it. HeatingSave will remember on the day and have the room nice and warm for your guests.

Smart Card access control and security

Up to two smart card readers can be connected to a basic HeatingSave T3520 controller or sub unit. You need to have two spare relays to control the door locks, but with this minimum configuration you can have access control to two doors. Each smart card can be programmed by you to allow access at different times on different days. You get a complete audit trail of who, where and when. All viewable from your PC, mobile devices and smart phones. You can even trigger email/Text alerts when certain people gain access or an unregistered smart card badge is used to try and gain access.

No more having to change locks when keys go missing. All you have to do is cancel the badge using the software Ap, and the card is useless. Takes no time at all.

Redecoration or refurbishment is the best time for HeatingSave

If you are redecorating or refurbishing your home then this is the perfect time to install HeatingSave. Although some of our sensors are battery based wireless devices, the best option is always to run wires to the room sensors and heating devices; typically radiators. These are safe low voltage cable carrying 12 or 24 volts. Once the cable is in the wall it will last a lifetime. When our chairman installed HeatingSave in his home, he chose the wired devices where he could and only used wireless as a last resort.
If you build an annex or extension then you can expand your HeatingSave system accordingly. Your home will never bee too big for HeatingSave.

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