Building Management System for Hotels, Pubs & Restaurants can be retrofit to existing boilers

Building Management Systems for Hotels, Pubs & Restaurants can save owner a lot of money on their energy bills. Most estates of hotels, sports centres and pubs have a mixture of building types and heating systems within them. HeatingSave is the perfect solution to combine the energy management and consumption of these buildings into one system that provides a comprehensive overall management tool to automatically cut costs and also provide the necessary data for you to make investment decisions.

Building Management System for Hotels, Pubs & Restaurants delivers automatic control of electric heaters or radiators for each room

Even small hotel groups are able to reduce heating costs with a network of HeatingSave controllers, one in each hotel, all connected via the Internet. Wet heating systems benefit from our TRV’s connected on each floor to a HeatingSave controller where the temperature in each room temperature can be managed; either via transactions from your existing room booking software or by using the HeatingSave integral Room Booking module.

Energy monitoring

A surprising number of leisure & entertainment chains have no idea where or how their energy is used or where the cost & efficiency savings can be made. The key here is to use the HeatingSave building management system for hotels, pubs and restaurants to better manage the infrastructure HVAC and also to provide real-time energy and utility usage data.

You can also simply setup user Action Alerts within the software to Text or email the Facilities Manager when energy usage goes over target. This can be especially important for large electricity users. HeatingSave records utility usage for each minute, 24/7.

HeatingSave will give you the data to enable you to mange costs, even if your energy spend is only just under a couple of thousand a year.

Smart card access control

Adding Smart Card access readers to your HeatingSave building management system for hotels, pubs and restaurants provides basic access control to restricted areas and can be linked to heating/cooling as sign of occupancy.


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