Retrofit to existing heating/cooling systems

A number of leisure centres have a mixture of plant for heating & cooling, installed at different points in time. This makes it difficult to automatically control everything from one system so that you have an entire site overview. Without this it’s hard to better manage (lower) energy costs. Installing HeatingSave as a retro-fit control system will not only automatically cuts utility costs on the plan/machinery it controls, but it will also give you the basis to make further savings as you will be able to visualise your energy spend minute-by-minute so that you can use cause & effect analysis to take remedial action. You not only get a 1st class control system but a combined energy monitoring/management at the same time.

Is the aircon on when nobody is around?

It is not uncommon for exercise room and studios to be left with the air conditioning running, whilst nobody is using the facility. Using HeatingSave’s automatic occupancy sensors, the aircon will be turned down or off when an area is not in use.
Given the fast recovery rate of air conditioning systems (ie the speed at which they can get to the required temperature set point) it does not make sense to leave them running in vacated rooms; especially remembering that they are powered by electricity which is 3 times more expensive than any other energy source.

Monitor air quality

HeatingSave has environmental monitoring sensors to measure carbon dioxide levels, relative humidity, temperature, volatile organic compounds in the air as well and other sensors to measure light and sound levels. This will enable you to better manage the environmental conditions of your leisure facility.