Retrofit to existing hot air blowers

When you retrofit HeatingSave to hot air blowers you will not only cut the cost of your heating bills but you will also get data as to where and when you are using energy. Automatic occupancy sensors can turn off blowers when nobody is around, making substantial savings especially where black bulb gas burners and installed. If you have the classic gas to hot air blower in the roof area, then each blower may well be costing you £1,800 or more a year to run. Any saving in this area will make a significant cost saving.

Destratification fans

Any factory or warehouse with a roof apex of more that 4 metres will gain in terms of heating and air quality by using destratification fans. The HeatingSave fans vary the speed of the fan depending upon the difference between the roof area temperature and that at ground level. This mixes the air with the minimum of draught. The algorithm that controls this can be adjusted by a simple to use drag & drop curve within the software.

Ground level operator buttons allow employee feedback to boost the heating for short periods of time that are determined by you. The employees can also reduce heating at other times. The software allows you to program the fans automatically during summer to produce a cooling effect.

Smart card door access and operator machine control

Adding smart card access control to your factory gate and other secure areas is cheap and easy when you install a HeatingSave system. You can also connect HeatingSave to the machine interlocks so that only operators with the correct skill and training are allowed to operate machinery; all the while producing audit transactions of who did what and when. This is ideal for ISO9000 and other accreditations where you have to prove due diligence.