Control any building, any heating system and manage energy from a distance

The problem for organisations with even a small number of discrete buildings it being able to know what’s going on and managing central controls at a distance. If you install HeatingSave as a group-wide management system you will be able to know what’s happening through the monitoring part of the system and turning equipment on/off/up/down via a mobile device, typically you smart phone. Facilities Managers are often on the move and you can’t be everywhere at once. HeatingSave allows you to provide that measured and expert control where over you are so long as you have internet or smart phone coverage. In effects, it enables you to control any building, any heating system.

Automatic fault reporting

Facilities and Engineering Managers are able to create user defined “Actions” which alert you (or someone else) if something goes wrong; consumption goes over target, water leaks appear, boilers/AHU’s/valves/pumps fail, people in unexpected areas….. the list goes on.
Creation of Actions is simple and easy within the software and these work in conjunction the fault reporting/logging part of the system.

Environmental monitoring solution helps users control any building, any heating system

The HeatingSave monitoring has been used by some of the most well known organisation in the UK such the Building Research Establishment, various universities involved with building physics and is the monitoring system used to gather data from the Energy Performance Challenge project run by a consortium of institutions and business including Knauf Insulation. Here, HeatingSave have collected 1.29 billion transactions from just under 80 social housing properties within 2 years.

Automatic group reporting of energy and utilities

The pyramid reporting structure within HeatingSave is a great tool for Energy Managers, Facilities Managers and others involved in building management to visualise data and present it in an easily understandable format. It is not unusual for senior management or accreditation auditors to ask for such reports at short notice. HeatingSave will be able to provide this in an efficient and timely fashion.