Norwich University of the Arts draws on HeatingSave for lowering bills, extensive heating control

Norwich University of the Arts (NUA) is an independent specialist arts, design and media University with a 165 year reputation for excellence. It is dedicated to providing vocational, practice based courses which allow students to enter an exciting and challenging community of artists, designers and makers who share their passions and interests.

Whilst the institution’s history can be traced back to 1845, it is contemporary and forward thinking with industry standard facilities in its city centre campus, which houses around 250 members of staff and students at any given moment.

According to Mr. Andy Wilton, Estates Manager for the Norwich University of the Arts, the institution had been considering for years the prospect of installing a system that would grant them a superior level of control over the central heating system comprising 3 gas-fired boilers and numerous radiators, while in the same time helping them reduce the overall functioning costs.

After doing quite a bit of shopping around and evaluating the best available options, the University’s management board decided to choose a HeatingSave Small Business system. “HeatingSave matched our requirements. Plus, your representative also managed to convey the information regarding the system in a very straightforward and convincing way, and that played an important part in the decision process as well.”

The HeatingSave system was installed back in November 2012 by HeatingSave engineers and, as far as Mr. Wilton recalls, both the hardware and software installation processes went ahead pretty smoothly.

As in the case of any new installation, one of the Norwich University College for the Arts staff members was trained on using the system. However, Mr. Wilton commented that “To be fair, you don’t even need that much training on it, since it’s user friendly and you can get accustomed to it quite fast.”

However, when asked by the HeatingSave reporter whether he believes that the Building Energy Management System is used at its full potential, Mr. Wilton’s answer was “probably not”.

As mentioned above, Mr. Wilton believes that HeatingSave is very easy to use. “Yes, it’s doing the job it’s supposed to. And is fairly easy to control as well”, especially since he’s also making extensive use of the system’s diary function to change heating patterns across the various pre-set heating zones.

Since we’re dealing with a relatively new install, Mr. Andy Wilton has not yet fully assessed the savings in terms of energy bills – he’ll have to wait for the end of the academic year in order to do that. However, he acknowledges that energy consumption has lowered and reveals that “if the energy savings reach the expected level, then we might actually consider extending the HeatingSave system to some of our other premises as well.”

Furthermore, he also told the HeatingSave reporter that “installing the HeatingSave system proved to be quite a good idea in more ways than one. So, beside allowing us to save money, it also solved a long-standing problem we had regarding uneven heating on a particular floor.”

For some reason, the temperature on one of our floors was always higher than the rest of the building. After installing HeatingSave, temperature was even across all floors”, answered Mr. Wilton, when asked to detail this issue.

The HeatingSave system worked very well ever since it was originally put in place, so Mr. Wilton had no reason to call either the HeatingSave help desk or our operations department.

Hence, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the Norwich University College for the Arts Estates Manager is very happy with the overall quality of the service provided by HeatingSave

Summing up, Mr. Andy Wilton told us that “Up until now, HeatingSave has been quite a pain-free experience for us. It’s easy to use and we’re really looking forward to seeing just how much we’ve managed to save on our fuel bills ever since we’ve had it installed.”


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