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Asset+ are a UK independent provider of energy reduction and zero carbon generation measures.Their business mission is to enable organisations and entities to meet and exceed their climate commitments and ensure they are positioned to thrive in a Decarbonised, Decentralised and Digitalised future. Asset+ operate as a partner, creating valued, single-sourced, efficient energy solutions delivered with passion, expertise, teamwork and a relentless focus on customer satisfaction. 

Asset+ were contacted by Barnet Council in 2019 and Dudley Council in 2020 in order to find a solution to reduce the running costs of various council-run buildings within their respective areas. These buildings are Burnt Oak Library in the London borough of Barnet, Wollescote Hall, Mary Steven Park and Netherton Arts Centre in the district of Dudley. 

Richard Hall, Senior Project Manager at Asset+ Energy Performance, spoke to the HeatingSave reporter and said “We pick the systems, the Councils just employ us to source the technology that will save them money”

When asked what Asset+’s aims and objectives were when choosing HeatingSave’s building energy management system to reduce their clients heating and energy bills, Mr. Hall replied “To try to reduce energy costs expenditure, make each site more energy efficient and cut gas bills. The overall goal was to make the sites more efficient and ultimately save them money on running costs”

“There’s a number of BMS companies about but HeatingSave is pretty unique. It is a niche in the market which is what attracted us to use it in the first place”, was the response from Mr. Hall when asked whether he considered buying a building management system from any other companies. 

Mr. Hall remarked that their client feedback on the HeatingSave after-sales helpdesk was second-to-none. He told the HeatingSave reporter that he’s “had excellent feedback from our clients on the Helpdesk who have reported that it has been ‘very helpful’ and ‘has done exactly what they say on the tin’, ‘very proactive’ and ‘help them out every time’”

The reporter then asked what he likes most about the system. His response was, “Being able to review it online through the portal is great. So when you get people phoning up to ask questions about the system you can actually go online and see the exact temperature, what’s turned on, what’s turned off and so on. Our clients can also access the portals, which is brilliant because they do not have to get in contact with us to answer their queries”.   

When asked whether he would recommend HeatingSave to other companies, Mr. Hall replied, “Yes, I would. The HeatingSave concept is very good. For what it is meant to do and for the purpose it is supposed to serve it’s very good – I like it”. He added, “It’s been a good relationship and all the support that HeatingSave has given us is appreciated and hopefully we can do more business in the future”

Mr. Hall summed HeatingSave up in a few words by saying “A professional and knowledgeable outfit that has been really beneficial to us”


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