Grade II Listed Bell House Chimes With HeatingSave

Bell House is a beautiful Grade II listed building, situated in the heart of Alconbury. It is currently a private residence to the Djanogly family, known for playing an active role in the local community. Bell House was one of the first domestic properties to install HeatingSave back in 2011, with a T3520 Building Energy Management System (BEMS) Controller to improve the efficiency of their wet central heating system. This was then augmented with electronic Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRV) on the radiators. Along with this, occupancy sensors were installed to determine when rooms were in use.

The Djanogly’s also installed a smart card access control setup integrated into the HeatingSave system to better control the security gates to the property.

“I love the fact that when I get to the house, I can have the heating exactly how I want it,” the lady of the house, Rebecca Djanogly, told the HeatingSave reporter. “I can have it turn it on an hour or two before I get there, and I don’t arrive at a cold house. I love that!”

For a domestic property, Rebecca mentioned her love of using, and the benefit of, the HeatingSave mobile app: “I like the fact that right now I left the house this morning and I forgot to turn off the heating, and I’m not back there till Friday, I can just go on the app and turn it off, that’s really good.”

When asked to sum up HeatingSave for other potential customers, Rebecca replied it’s “useful”, “a really good idea”, and “when it’s working, it’s great!”

Customer Information

As this case study is for a private residence, contact information has been withheld.

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