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Elouise Lingerie is shop in Buckden, Cambridgeshire selling high-class ladies lingerie, swimwear and nightwear. In 2008 their manager was considering changing their old gas boiler, which was over 10 years old, for a new combi boiler. At the same time she wanted to install a system that turned on the heating only when they needed it. “We had a 24-hour time clock so the heating was still running on Sundays when the shop is not open” she explained. “Staff don”t remember to switch off the heating when they go home and of course it”s cold when they come to work in Monday. Sure, we could have installed a 7 day clock, but that doesn“t handle holidays or other times when the shop is closed” she added.

A Small Business HeatingSave system was installed at the same time as the new combi boiler. The HeatingSave controller is linked to the shops” PC. The heating pattern diary is set up in advance, with bank holidays and shut down periods entered into the diary; in much the same way one would use a desk diary.

When asked what she liked most about HeatingSave, the manger said it was the way in which HeatingSave automatically works out the latest time to switch on the heating each day by using the outside temperature and how warm the building is. Since installing HeatingSave, Elouise Lingerie reckon they have saved around 18% off their fuel bill and think that this will be higher once they have a full years data to look at.

In conclusion the manager said “I can”t understand why all shops and offices don”t use HeatingSave. There must be 1000″s of premises in the country that still have their heating blazing away on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays when there”s nobody there.”

Elouise Lingerie was first established as an outlet for stylish and sophisticated lingerie in 1995. Located in the Cambridgeshire village of Buckden, Elouise Lingerie is situated amongst a group of premises, all of whom offer an exquisite shopping experience. Having recently come into new ownership, Elouise Lingerie prides itself on continuing to provide a superior service, with a number of our staff having worked within the lingerie environment for many years. Elouise Lingerie is well known for the quality of its designer lingerie, expert bra fitting service, and extensive ranges of beautiful ready to wear merchandise sourced from all over the world. Our nightwear collections include both long and short styles, which exude glamour yet are comfortable and soft against the skin. In addition to selling luxurious lingerie and nightwear, we are also locally renowned for our extensive selection of designer swimwear, which is available from our dedicated swimwear room. An ever-increasing customer base has ensured the continuing success of Elouise Lingerie, which will remain a permanent fixture of the Buckden high street for years to come.

Elouise Lingerie
40 High Street,
PE19 5XA
Tel: 01480 812740
Web: elouiselingerie.co.uk

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