Kington Langley Village Hall slashes energy bills by 32% with HeatingSave

Langley Village Hall (KLVH) is a modern and vibrant facility located in Wiltshire’s Kington Langley village conservation area.

The Village Hall has undergone a major improvement programme over the past few years, with the ultimate goal of significantly reducing energy and operational costs. A HeatingSave Hall Energy & Security Management System (HESM, for short) was installed at the KLVH as part of this project in mid 2014.

Our HeatingSave reporter initially interviewed Dr. Peter Giles, Head of the Projects Group at the Kington Langley Village Hall back in October 2014 – you can find more about the initial experience of HeatingSave here.

Less than a year later, Dr Giles came back to us with a very interesting update, one which further confirms the HeatingSave system’s impressive track record in cutting energy use and saving of fuel bills; as well as its extensive environmental monitoring capabilities.

When asked how much they’ve been able to save since HeatingSave was installed, Peter answered, “Since this was a new system for us we have decided to approach the topic of savings in a scientific manner. We have looked up the gas and electricity consumption data for the past five years and correlated that information with degree-day temperature data for the same period.

Based on the above, we have reached the conclusion that, after installing the HeatingSave system, we have managed to attain savings in the 24% to 41% range, with a most likely figure of 32%, compared to before.”

Beside enabling a superior level of control over the heating system and helping the Village Hall reduce its operational costs, HeatingSave has also provided vital information on the overall efficiency of the heating system installed on the site (consisting of a gas-fired boiler and multiple radiators).

Apart from cutting our bills, the system has proved to be an absolutely invaluable energy monitoring and diagnostics tool.” Dr Giles told the HeatingSave reporter.

After having HeatingSave installed, we were able to determine that our heating system at Kington Langley Village Hall was simply not fully fit for purpose – the number of radiators in the main hall is simply too small and the system is having a hard time keeping that zone at the desired temperature.

Hence, because the boiler is running at full capacity for extended periods in low temperatures, we haven’t been saving as much energy as we originally forecast. In fact, most of the savings we’ve attained were during the “shoulder” seasons, i.e. autumn and spring” said Peter. “Nevertheless, savings of virtually one third are well worth having”, he added.

HeatingSave includes highly-sensitive sensors designed to constantly monitor the temperatures within each heating zone which then allows HeatingSave to make small adjustments to keep each room comfortable without wasting fuel and money.

Beside their mission-critical role in the HeatingSave system’s functionality, these sensors, coupled with our powerful analysis and monitoring software can also be used as a diagnostic tool, offering administrators useful insights into possible faults that might affect the overall – either of the existing heating system (boilers, pumps, etc.) or of the building itself.

The HeatingSave system can provide minute-by-minute readouts of temperatures around the village hall, and this feature provided some major insights into the way in which the building was heated and the surprising effects of sunlight.” explained Dr.Giles.

We found out that the part of our building that came under direct sunlight would heat up quite quickly and maintain a higher temperature throughout the day compared to the other side, which would not. This important finding will help us determine where to place extra radiators in order to attain the optimum level of heating efficiency for the village hall.” he added.

Peter has strongly recommended HeatingSave to other village halls around Wiltshire and received some very positive feedback. “I’ve managed to raise quite a few eyebrows during a recent presentation of the system and the savings it helped us achieve”, he confessed to the HeatingSave reporter.

Summing up his experience of HeatingSave, Peter concluded, “In terms of savings, HeatingSave has managed to deliver on its initial promise. However, I’m sure it’s yet to reach it’s full potential and we’re expecting even more out of it.“


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