Headmaster in Northern Ireland installs HeatingSave

David Manning has a four-bedroom 26-year-old detached family house in Dundonald, Belfast. The home is heated by an oil-fired boiler. In 2009 Mr Manning, who is a school headmaster, was looking at ways of improving the energy efficiency of his home and was thinking about installing an energy management system. He looked at HeatingSave and two other products but decided to install a HeatingSave House & Home system because it did a lot more than the competitor systems and was very good value for money.

Mr Manning said that the main advantage of HeatingSave over the competitors was “HeatingSave is very modular in the way the system is set up.” He added, “The deciding factor was the ability within HeatingSave to monitor and regulate the system using a PC.”

In the Easter 2009, Mr Manning installed the HeatingSave House & Home system himself. He particularly liked the fact that HeatingSave allowed this ‘DIY’ method. He said that the installation was straight forward apart from a little problem in installing the PC software. This was quickly overcome by calling the HeatingSave Help Desk.

Mr Manning particularly likes the use of the Passive Infra-Red Detectors to control occupancy and says: “They’re an attractive part of the system, in that the heating automatically turns itself down when nobody is at home.” Mr Manning was also impressed with the way HeatingSave can control zone valves to distribute heat to different parts of the house. He added “I’m very pleased with the way you can automatically control the heating depending on zones independently of each other. The system gives me three heating zones – upstairs, downstairs and the games room.”

Asked by the reporter whether HeatingSave saved on his fuel bill, Mr Manning replied: “It’s hard to tell because we’ve just had the coldest winter on record – but I believe it has.”

When asked what he liked most about HeatingSave, Mr Manning replied: “Teaching maths in a school, I’m very interested in the way that HeatingSave shows the performance of the energy management system, the costs and graphs side of it.”

Mr Manning said that he was pleased in the way in which the HeatingSave Customer Support team took on-board comments and suggestions from customers. Some of his suggestions had been taken up by the company and they gave him a free upgrade of his software.

Summing up his experience of HeatingSave in a few words, Mr Manning concluded: “HeatingSave is a responsive system that gives you a whole new level of control over your heating.”

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