Somerset bungalow owner reduces gas bills with HeatingSave

Mr. Bob Patrick lives together with his family in 4-bedroom detached bungalow in Wincanton, Somerset. The manager of a successful coffee pod business, Mr. Patrick is well aware of the significant savings even a slight cut in overall costings can achieve on the long term.

Mr. Patrick’s bungalow is heated by multiple radiators, connected to a single gas-fired condensing boiler, which is also used for hot water provision. Moreover, the house also includes a wood burner, installed in the living room.

While extending his property a few years ago, Bob was also looking for a solution that would grant him “a very high level of controllability” over his home’s heating system, especially during those times of the year when the weather is warmer. He was already accustomed to the benefits provided by a heating control system, as he had previously used an older product of this type at another residence, but he simply couldn’t find one that would perfectly suit his needs.

Some of the other systems I’ve researched either featured a boiler flow sensor and an interior temperature sensor, but no external temperature sensor, or the other way around. None of them had all of the features and functions I required, integrated in a single, comprehensive solution.” Mr. Patrick told our reporter.

Luckily, when searching the Internet for a solution that would help him “save on heating”, he came across the HeatingSave system, that immediately caught his eye. The reason? “It provided just about every bit of functionality I wanted, and more”, Bob said.

Since he was quite confident in his technical abilities, Mr. Patrick decided to install the HeatingSave House & Home system by himself, back in September 2011.

HeatingSave House & Home can reduce heating bills by 20% to 30%+ by better and more efficiently running the heating (or cooling) system. It relies on a proprietary, advanced heat-loss algorithm that self-learns the heating characteristics of each heating zone within one’s home and determines the optimum pattern for efficiently heating it, while in the same time cutting the bills.

Moreover, the system grants user multiple access options, as it can be easily controlled via the associated web-based software, from any type of device connected to the Internet just about anywhere around the world. It also allows users to view exactly just how much energy their house requires at all times, and can even act as an alarm, sending alerts whenever abnormal temperatures are recorded.

Bob recalls that no problems were encountered when installing the HeatingSave hardware, but he had a couple of issues when configuring the control software on his PC and getting it to work with the rest of the system.

After contacting HeatingSave, Mr. Patrick was able to ultimately solve all of those problems and has tweaked his system to a point where it “works brilliantly” and offers “a very good level of comfort”.

Asked whether HeatingSave helped him save on the fuel bill, Mr. Patrick’s answer was “Yes, definitely. It easily saves at least 20 percent”. Bob also believes that he uses the system as its full potential, after “sitting down and going through every available setting”.

When asked by the HeatingSave reporter whether he has any plans for extending the system, Mr. Patrick’s answer was that “I only use 4 relays on the board right now, so there’s plenty of potential there to add extras, need be”. “On the other hand, I’m eagerly looking forward to your new Linux-based controller, and I will upgrade as soon as it becomes available,” Bob added.

Mr. Patrick is now so accustomed to using HeatingSave that he feels confident to say: “For me, it’s already very easy to use.

Talking about what he likes most about the HeatingSave system, Bob said he appreciates the extensive “control options and adjustable parameters”, as well as the possibility of setting specific heating patterns using the diary function.

When questioned whether he would recommend the HeatingSave system to other home owners, Mr. Patrick answered “Yes, I certainly would”. As for his overall experience with HeatingSave, Bob said that “It’s a brilliant little system, that works really well. The technology inside it is very well done. Plus, as far as I’m concerned, I got a very good deal out of it, since it wasn’t that expensive and it has already saved me a lot of money.”




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