Things You Need to Know

New to energy monitoring and management? This page breaks down topics and explains everything you need to know to run a BMS or BEMS.

There is nothing in science and engineering that cannot be explained, at least conceptually, in simple terms. Here, we cover a number of topics that Facilities Managers, Energy Managers, Architects, Building Managers and others responsible/concerned-with utility costs, might find useful. This extends to those in the general public who would like to know more.
We would also welcome any requests that you might have for other associated topics to be simply described.

Destratification Fans Explained

1. Why do I need to know? If you have a building with a large open space, such as a warehouse, hall or auditorium with a roof height of 4 metres or more then unless you have an Air Handling Unit (“AHU”) you will have stratification of the air which means all the hot air […]

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CT and VT Valves Explained

1. Why do I need to know? You need to understand the principles of CT/VT valves because they are important in larger heating systems as they are the method of providing the right temperature hot water from boiler(s) to the various equipment that needs it, such as hot water cylinders (also called calorifiers) and heating […]

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CT/VT Valves Explained