20 percent of London residents are stuck on prepayment meters and wasting energy, research suggests

One in five Londoners have a prepayment meter for gas or electricity which makes them unable to access the most affordable tariffs, recent research has been able to reveal.

The new report from the London Assembly Environment Committee suggests that the Mayor of London should work with boroughs and landlords to help save energy and money and that the government should support people to move off these expensive pre-payment deals if there is money to be saved.

It also found after having a smart meter installed, eight in 10 people have taken steps to reduce their energy usage and said the government should support the rollout.

Environment Committee Chair, Leonie Cooper AM, said: “London has found energy improvements particularly challenging. It has always got less than its fair share of available funding under the national schemes and so less work has been carried out.

“Other areas such as Scotland that were once in the same position have secured more than their share, by working actively with social landlords, overcoming barriers for installers and by providing additional capital funding.”

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