Homes across the South West of England are at the bottom of the scale for energy efficiency

Homes across the South West of England are up to three times more likely to live in energy inefficient homes, recent figures from the Association for the Conservation of Energy (ACE) have been able to reveal.

The data suggests that St Ives and North Cornwall are among the worst ten constituencies in England for “leaky” properties, with between 42-50% of homes receiving low efficiency ratings. his can result in energy bills around 37% higher than the average household, which could potentially push more families into fuel poverty.

According to the organisation’s figures, 50.4% of houses in St Ives are rated below the UK average for energy efficiency, at band E, F or G. While in North Cornwall, approximately 42% of homes fall into these ratings, making it the sixth worst in the UK.

In contrast, the national average for proportions of E-G homes 30%, while in Poplar and Limehouse in London, the percentage is just 7.3%, in Basingstoke 9.1% and Milton Keynes South 10.4%.

The majority of inefficient homes tend to be either privately owned or rented – 34% compared to 13% of council housing. Proportions of E-G properties are also higher in isolated rural housing and villages (47-56%) than in urban areas (28%).

ACE suggests that energy efficient boilers and loft and cavity wall insulation are all key to improving efficiency and preventing the loss of heat from people’s homes.

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