Building Energy Management Systems can Help Drive Down Energy Waste

Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) can help British home owners cut bills and drive down energy waste, a phenomenon that’s particularly visible during the winter months.

According to research by independent energy supplier First Utility, energy use is likely to double from October to January due to the significant lower temperatures throughout the cold season.

This spike in energy consumption, along with research which found a Big Six standard variable customer pays an average of £293 per year, means £2.2 billion more than necessary will be spent on gas and electricity.

There are a number of measures energy customers can take to reduce their usage. Some ways to do this are by switching to energy efficient light bulbs, blocking unused fireplaces and moving furniture away from radiators to allow the heat to spread
Ed Kamm, Managing Director of First Utility, said: “Households who have never switched are likely to be overpaying to the sum of £300 annually on a Standard Variable Tariff. Our message is to switch now to get on a cheaper tariff before winter energy usage spikes and also look at ways of reducing energy waste in the home.”

HeatingSave – the building energy management system (BEMS) to help consumer cut their energy bills

Replacing your central heating clock with a HeatingSave energy and boiler management controller is the quickest way of beating those tariff rises and saving on energy costs, often paying for itself in less than a year but almost always in less than 3 years.

HeatingSave can cut your energy usage by 20% to 30% with its energy management control, as its internal microprocessor constantly calculates and improves the efficiency and savings of your central heating system.

Using HeatingSave, simply choose the room temperature and the hot water you want, and when, and HeatingSave does the rest. It works with all central heating systems – oil, gas or coal – and links up with a PC to produce reports and graphs to fashion a powerful and complete energy management system.

The system is backed by the Carbon Trust and the Energy Savings Trust.

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