Building Energy Management Systems Sector Set for Significant Growth

The energy management systems (EMS) market is set to reach an impressive $58.59 billion by 2022, recent research published by Grand View Research has been able to reveal.

Building energy management systems for the industrial sector have emerged as the leading product segment and were responsible for half the total revenue in 2014. Power and energy, IT and telecom and manufacturing are leading segments, and it is believed that the industrial segment will be driven going forward by favorable government initiatives and integration of technology solutions.

Furthermore, the report suggests that growth drivers are concerns about energy prices and increasing green building construction. China, India, Japan, the United Arab Emirates and Germany are expected to be the market leaders during the next seven years.

Whether investing in a system upgrade or an entirely new platform, it is important to fully understand the project scope and identify the desired capabilities and tradeoffs, and this is specifically where HeatingSave’s highly-trained team of engineers and project managers can help you – all the way from the initial stages of design to the successful commissioning of the system.

Save money, go carbon-free with HeatingSave

You can now ensure a low carbon future for your home or business with the HeatingSave building energy management system which cuts heating bills by typically 20% to 30%.

HeatingSave’s PC software shows you when and where you use the most energy. Our Energy Monitor provides the ability to view your current energy usage, along with many other statistics all on a very easy to use monitor screen. It keeps you posted on what is going on with your energy system, where you are using the most energy and where you are spending the most money.

If you’d like to find out more details on all the features HeatingSave has in store, just contact our dedicated product team, they’ll be more than happy to provide you with all the necessary information.

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