Building Management System (BMS) Software – the key to achieving significant savings on your energy bills

Having the right software capable of fully leveraging the features provided by your Building Management System BMS is the key to achieving significant savings on your energy bills.

One of the key factors any such software application should be able to manage is the heating system’s start-up time. Although the world used to work five days a week from nine to five, this is increasingly no longer the case and the way buildings are operated needs to reflect the changes in our modern working practices.

Traditional time clocks and even some BMS systems set the heating to come on at a particular time. Obviously, `24 hour clock` time clocks and cannot vary the times throughout the week wasting fuel at weekends when the offices or buildings are unoccupied.

The fixed on/off times are now being replaced by the optimum start and stopping of main building boiler plant, achievable via the Building Energy Management (BMS) software applications to ensure buildings are at an ideal working environment as workers walk through the door and that equipment powers down at the end of the day so as not to waste energy when everyone has gone home.

Small changes to the heating pattern can make small but significant savings to the heating bill. This means that the heating can be warm in the morning when people first arrive and slightly cooler during the day when everyone is working. The HeatingSave rolling diary knows about weekends, shift patterns, holidays and shutdowns, so entries can be made to the heating diary in advance. This accurate method of matching heating to building usage keeps employees warm and saves the organisation money.

HeatingSave Building Management System BMS software –advanced controls and analytics features

The HeatingSave high level software is a web based user friendly and intuitive software application, delivering unrivalled control and monitoring of the heating system. Using just a browser from one desktop or laptop PC, tablet or smart phone you can control your entire building or a whole network of buildings. Software features include:

Advanced planning of heating patterns and diary allowing 365 day programming with different patterns for each zone.

Graph visualisation of every temperature, air quality, occupancy and on/off event ever recorded. Use these to identify problems with boilers, pumps etc. and also to prove that HeatingSave is working for you.

Transaction and fault logging and reporting. Alerts include boilers failing to respond, or when they unexpectedly start to increase in heat (manually overridden by someone). Also sensors hitting maximum/minimum temperatures are displayed. Avoid expensive repair and maintenance costs by determining what the problem is first so you can either change the settings yourself or send the right person first time.

Running Costs – View the costs of boilers, equipment like pumps or immersions, air-cons etc. The costs are broken down by site or by each system individually. They are then displayed daily, monthly and quarterly. You can even see the carbon usage of your building or collection of buildings.

View your site as a schematic with temperatures and equipment status overlaid. Keep track of an entire site from one easy viewport.

Easily manage the settings and parameters for the entire Building Energy Management System from one place.

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