Building Management Systems for the Healthcare Sector – driving improvement for the patient experience

Patient satisfaction and overall outcomes are vital for most healthcare organizations nowadays, and smart building management systems (BMS) are playing a major role in driving improvement for the patient experience, experts have argued.

Hospitals are re-examining how to maximize patient comfort, minimize wasted time and provide patients with as much control over their hospital stay as possible, and, as a result, addressing aging infrastructure — long among a hospital system’s biggest challenges — has become a top priority. This is because hospitals are not only complex systems, often comprised of many buildings spread across vast geographical footprints, but also because of the potential impact infrastructure can have on patient comfort and satisfaction.
Technology applications can help streamline staff workflow, drive cost savings and improve comfort, among other things — all ultimately helping make buildings critical contributors to a hospital’s success.

The optimal system effectively uses the connectivity of today’s buildings, providing a clear way for facility managers to turn building data into actionable insights. For example, facility managers can layer on applications such as preventative analytics or deliver energy-efficient outcomes in real time. And, with a standardized approach in place, the system can communicate with standard protocols and integrate additional technologies — including those across multiple facilities — so hospitals can evolve as needed without having to replace existing systems.

HeatingSave – the connected building management system (BMS) capable of delivering significant energy savings in the healthcare sector

Replacing an older control system with a HeatingSave energy and boiler management controller is the quickest way of beating those tariff rises and saving on energy costs, often paying for itself in less than a year but almost always in less than 3 years.

HeatingSave can cut your energy usage by 20% to 30% with its energy management control, as its internal microprocessor constantly calculates and improves the efficiency and savings of your central heating system.

Using HeatingSave, simply choose the room temperature and the hot water you want, and when, and HeatingSave does the rest. It works with all central heating systems – oil, gas or coal – and links up with a PC to produce reports and graphs to fashion a powerful and complete energy management system.

The system is backed by the Carbon Trust and the Energy Savings Trust.

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