Another gas supplier up’s it’s prices

Another of the big UK energy suppliers has announced fuel price hikes to domestic customers, which is also likely to affect most small businesses too. Tomorrow, E.On will raise the price it charges for gas by 26% and price for electricity by 16%. This is their second price increase in 12 months, which in total represents a 41% increase for gas; and they seem not to have ruled out further price increases within the next 12 months.

E.On  have blamed the latest rise on the 50%+ increased wholesale costs; not much comfort for those wanting to cut heating bills or reduce central heating costs.

E.On boss, Graham Bartlett, said it will be “a very tough time for everyone”. Well while this might be the case, those who have invested in a HeatingSave control system will fare much better than the majority of households and businesses who have inefficient heat control systems. HeatingSave customers could well save on the cost of their heating bills and their total use of gas for central heating by between 10% to 30%. We can”t stop the price increases but we certainly can help you reduce heating costs.

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