Automatic occupancy heating control is ideal for offices to make fuel savings

New energy bill rules have come into effect from industry watchdog Ofgem. In a bid to protect consumers from unexpected bills, utility providers will now have to give 30 days’ notice of any price increases or changes in their contract that will make customers worse off. Under the previous system, energy firms had up to three months after making changes before they were required to notify customers. The firms have also been criticised for the timing of winter price rises.

Much faster than surfing the ‘web’ for a better energy deal, HeatingSave will save you time and money as its heating and boiler control system can cut up to 30%-plus off bills. To take just one example, by connecting our infra-red automatic occupancy detectors (pictured) to the HeatingSave controller the heating will automatically turn itself down when nobody is in the room, and automatically turn up the heating when people arrive and need it. This means that HeatingSave is ideal for offices where the occupancy level can vary considerably.

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