Beat energy prices led inflation with microprocessor powered boiler control

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has blamed energy prices as the major factor in the highest UK inflation figures for three years. The rate of Consumer Prices Index inflation, which was introduced 14 years ago in the UK, matched its record high in September – increasing to 5.2 per cent. The ONS, which released the data, said: “By far the largest upward pressure to the change in CPI… came from increases in gas and electricity charges.”

Consumers can beat inflation-increasing energy prices by switching to HeatingSave’s microprocessor powered boiler and central heating control system. Your boiler has a flow and return pipe carrying the heated water to the radiators and hot water cylinder(s). There should be several degrees difference between these for the heating system is working efficiently. HeatingSave constantly monitors the flow and return temperature, adjusting the boiler temperature to keep the boiler running efficiently and avoid wasting fuel. Savings are up to 8% on this function alone, and overall savings can be 30%-plus.

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