Beat higher fuel costs and inflation with heating controller which can save 30 per cent off bills

Higher fuel bills have been identified as the major cause of inflation, which is predicted to rise to 5 per cent later this year. Speaking on the publication of the Bank of England’s latest Inflation Report, its governor Mervyn King said there remained strong downward pressures on economic growth and upward pressures on inflation. The Bank’s report has included an assumption that gas prices may increase 15 per cent and electricity prices by 10% this winter.

Take action now to avoid higher fuel bills later this year by replacing your old boiler time clock with a HeatingSave controller which can make massive savings of 20%-30% off your heating bills. HeatingSave’s self-learning mathematical tool continually refines and improves the efficiency of your boiler and central heating system and is one of a number of its money-saving features, whether used as stand-alone or with PC software graphs that show where savings are made. The system is compatible with most makes of natural gas, oil or LPG boilers.

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