Boiler control algorithm can save businesses 30 per cent on heating bills

Company bosses were warned not to take the issue of global warming lightly. This year’s CBI Climate Change Summit highlighted a US survey where consumers ranked climate change bottom of a list of 21 problem issues facing their country. Irwin Lee, vice president and general manager of Procter & Gamble’s UK and Ireland operations, has committed that 30% of the power used to run its factories comes from renewable energy sources by 2020.

HeatingSave are committed to finding the best way to cut the energy needed to heat your office and by using our unique heating algorithms, you can save up to 30% on your heating per year. Our products are backed by energy gurus the Energy Saving Trust to prove we take the issue of global warming seriously. The HeatingSave Small Business Boiler Control System counts the minutes each day it switches on and off your boiler. This is to prove it is cutting emissions and saving you money over your existing time clock, which in business is usually on seven-days only and cannot differentiate between weekdays and weekends.

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