Building energy control provides platform for running solar power unit

Councillors have been asked to start the procurement process so that solar panels can be installed for a cheap form of energy as soon as possible for tenants of Corby Borough Council (CBC). Energy companies would install the panels which will be used as part of a government renewable energy scheme. CBC was urged to leave the way open for energy firms to bid to supply and install the solar modules.

A Building Energy Management System (BEMS) from HeatingSave will provide a platform for running a solar renewable set-up. BEMS is a comprehensive solution for cutting bills by up to 30% and dramatically cutting the environmental impact of heating your business or home. Firstly the HeatingSave controller makes calculations using its internal algorithm to get your boiler and central heating set-up working as efficiently as possible. The BEMS can also be tailored to control a SolarSave solar water heating system, which uses free energy from the sun to provide hot water even in cloudy weather, supplementing and saving on fossil fuel use. This will drastically reduce your building’s CO2 emissions.

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