Building Energy Management System drastically decreases carbon emissions

A council in Wales has approved a plan to reduce its carbon footprint. Wrexham will put in place energy-efficient bulbs instead of all its residential street lights. The Welsh Assembly Government has pledged £280,000 towards the scheme, which will cost £336,000. Wrexham council will contribute £36,000, with the remaining £20,000 being paid by Offa Community Council. Work must be completed by March 2011 to qualify for the assembly government grant. There are no plans to switch off any lights.

PC based Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) from HeatingSave can drastically decrease your building’s carbon footprint and save 20 per cent-plus off fuel bills by better running your existing heating system. BEMS uses temperature sensors and a heat-loss algorithm to constantly make calculations on how to make your boiler and heating more efficient the least amount of fuel to keep you warm. BEMS can also be programmed by you to control lights, air and ground heat source pumps and many other devices automatically. It will also monitor and cost all your energy usage.

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