Central heating systems must automatically adjust to use less fuel to reduce sky-high fuel bills

First it was the likes of BP and Shell. Now it is the turn of oil company Total to report much-improved profits for the first three months of the year. Net profit came in at $3bn (£2bn), a rise of almost 10% on the same period a year earlier. Total are under-fire, as a French judge filed preliminary charges against the company earlier this month, accusing it of bribing Iraqi officials while Saddam Hussein was in power in order to secure oil supplies.

Oil prices and fuel bills are now 12 month record high levels. Its time to install better control systems on your heating systems during the summer when they are off and little fuel is being used. An energy management system from HeatingSave will typically cut bills, by up to 30%. Even in summer when most houses and businesses are using an immersion heater the energy management system will cut electricity bills because it uses the immersion heater more efficiently allowing you to raise the water temperature at certain times of the day and lower it at others. It turns on the immersion at the latest possible moment to get your hot water to the right temperature at the right time – this time saving you money on your electricity bill.

Among HeatingSave’s energy management features are its ability to accurately watch the climbing room temperature and switches off the heat, using the residual heat within the boiler, to reach the correct room temperature. Thermostats cannot do this.

Connect some infra-red occupancy detectors to the HeatingSave system and the heating will automatically turn itself down when nobody is at home, but automatically turn it up when you arrive home and need it. For small to medium sized businesses the saving here can be huge as the building is only heated when people are about. Furthermore, businesses can apply for grants to help with installing costs.

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