Company energy management made simple using room occupancy sensors

Ofgem is reminding energy firms it is enforcing the Government’s Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT). The regulator wants to incentivise those companies who fail to reach against their targets by the end of the year to continue to deliver measures to consumers in the early part of 2013. CERT requires electricity and gas suppliers to hit targets for a reduction in CO2 emissions generated by the domestic sector. The overall target level of carbon emissions savings is 293 million tonnes.

The best way for companies and businesses to cut energy and emissions is to implement a HeatingSave Small Business or Enterprise Energy Management System. Connect our PIR room occupancy sensors to the HeatingSave controller and the heating will automatically turn itself down when nobody is at work but automatically turn up the heating when someone arrives at the office and needs it. Used in conjunction with the heating diary, occupancy sensors are great at saving firms money with their heating bills and cutting emissions.

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