Computer uses building heat loss profile to save up to 30 per cent on energy bills

Now all the big six providers have raised tariffs, a meaningful comparison can be made on how energy bills compared to last year – and it is not good reading for customers. The average annual household joint electricity and gas bill has gone up £65, from £1,069 last year. EDF became the final one of the big six energy suppliers to announce it was increasing bills, and takes effect on March 2.

HeatingSave is the revolutionary computer-controlled central heating system which replaces your existing boiler time clock to save £100s from your energy bills. Your existing temperature control is manual, with you having to turn it up in cold weather and down in warm weather; but you have to remember to do this with fluctuating outside temperatures. HeatingSave does this automatically for you using your building’s particular heat loss profile which it has been developing and refining since the day it was installed. This measure alone saves up to 10% off fuel, and total savings can reach 30%-plus.

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