Cutting fuel bills with HeatingSave tops the election climate debate

Climate change has hardly been mentioned in this year’s general election. Four parties – Labour, Conservative, Liberal Democrat and Green – were represented in the capital on a panel (chaired by The Independent newspaper) called Ask The Climate Question, a coalition of nine environment and development charities and pressure groups, which has been trying to bring global warming back to the forefront of the election agenda.

Apart from that, there has been little debate on the hustings, but HeatingSave can address the issue of voters feeling left in the dark about reducing household causes of carbon emissions – and save lots of money, too. More than 97% of central heating systems in the UK use a time clock, boiler and room thermostat to control the heating, using hopelessly inefficient, 100 year-old technology.

Replacing the central heating clock for your house or business with a HeatingSave building energy management system could save you £1,000’s, off your heating bill, and can pay for itself in less than a year.

Government approved by the Carbon Trust and the Energy Savings Trust, the computerised HeatingSave controller learns your daily heating regime and about the heat loss profile of your house or business and calculates the adjustments needed to make the boiler system more CO2 efficient. The great advantage of HeatingSave is that it can be fitted without disrupting the plumbing and runs automatically, saving on costs – figures of 25%+ per year are common. HeatingSave’s PC software also shows you how much your heating is costing and even produces graphs to show you how well it’s working. For those with oil-fired systems it predicts how much oil is left in the tank. The HeatingSave system works on most types of boilers, even solid fuel ones.

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