DECC launches consultation regarding innovation in energy efficiency

The DECC has recently launched a new consultation that aims to ensure that regulation in the energy industry encourages innovation, rather than the other way around, a recent news report has revealed.

The consultation, which ends on 11th February, is seeking specific responses on how legislation and enforcement frameworks can help support new technologies and business models to encourage growth and how innovation is likely to shape the energy industry.

It is also inviting views on how regulators could better utilise new technologies to generate efficient savings and reduce burdens on businesses.

Energy Minister Lord Bourne said: “Innovation has the power to transform the energy sector and the way we live every day. We are committed to cutting red tape and creating industry environments that foster new ideas and give technologies a commercial edge.

“Collaboration is key and I look forward to hearing the ideas from industry so we can ensure an innovative energy sector that works for hardworking families and businesses.”

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