Energy management systems can help firms tackle the carbon price

Energy management systems can help firms mitigate carbon costs and stay abreast of a strong international carbon market, which is set to become a major issue for all managers over the coming years.

Most of the world’s largest companies are already preparing for a robust international carbon market, and in many cases are way ahead of governments in planning for climate change risks and opportunities, a recent report by the CPD was able to reveal.

The paper was released ahead of a global leaders climate summit in New York next week, where it is expected that attendees (companies and countries) will want to commit to pushing ahead with plans to establish a robust price on CO2.

Nearly 30 companies in the UK reported that they’re using an internal carbon price, with the CDP saying the findings show that businesses are ready for legislation on carbon pricing, and in some cases are leading the way for governments. Significantly, 638 companies said carbon regulation presented a business opportunity for them, suggesting a new mechanism would help drive investment in low carbon technologies.

An energy management and monitoring system can help companies stay on top of their energy usage and reduce their overall bills by running their light/heating systems in an optimum manner.

If you’d like to find out just how easy it is for your company to cut carbon emissions and save in excess of 30% on your energy bills, then contact us, and we’ll be more than happy to provide you all the necessary information.

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