Energy Monitor helps a company save on costs and emissions

A retail powerhouse revealed it has beaten its emissions goal one year early (more details can be read by clicking on this link). Walmart said that it has managed a 20 per cent cut in greenhouse gas emissions since 2005, therefore beating its target 12 months ahead of schedule. News agency Bloomberg reported that the company’s 2011 figures show a 20.02 per cent decrease in emissions from the Walmart stores, Sam’s Clubs, and distribution centres that existed eight years ago.

The HeatingSave Energy Monitor reveals in real-time how much electricity a company is using to enable staff to take immediate action and turn off equipment that has been left on, thus saving costs and emissions. It also displays the cost of the energy a business is consuming. Not only is the energy consumption displayed on the T3518 Monitor’s display, but it is also viewable via an iPhone or Smart Phone. View the electricity, heating and other energy or resources you use from one system.

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