Energy saving measures could help the NHS save up to £35m

The NHS is under severe strain right now as far as the available funding is concerned, but a recent pilot project proved the fact that it could actually achieve savings of £35m if the medical and nursing staff are encouraged to turn off unused equipment, switch off lights, and close hospital doors.

The pilot project was carried out at the Barts Health NHS Trust in London, which is the largest NHS trust in the UK, and has achieved some pretty impressive savings, of £100,000 in energy bills.

Dubbed, Operation TLC, the behavioural change project was supported by a public-private-NGO partnership between Barts Health NHS Trust, GE, Skanska, and environmental charity Global Action Plan and involved 15,000 employees.

Barts Health NHS Trust has estimated that rolling the programme out across the whole Trust could save a further £400,000, and the same technique could lead to NHS-wide savings of up to £35m.

Of course, while behavioural changes will certainly help save quite a bit of money for NHS trusts, the truth of the matter is that such also implementing advanced BEMS (Building Energy Management System) solutions within their sites would lead to even more impressive savings.

And this is exactly where the HeatingSave system might prove its worth, since our solution allows customers to achieve immediately savings of up to 30%+ on their energy bills. This is achieved by optimizing the energy consumption levels within any building with the help of an advanced heat-loss algorithm that creates a specific profile for any building and based on that, switches heating on later if its warm and off earlier if its cold.

It also automatically adjusts your boiler depending on how warm it is outside – save up to another 10%.

Furthermore, the system also offers an advanced automatic occupancy detection system that allows the temperature to reduce to a background when areas are not used and quickly brought up to temperature when they are being used. This feature might prove to be of particular interest for the NHS, where many hospital areas are not in constant use throughout the day.

If you’d like to find out more about the HeatingSave Building Energy Management System, then simply contact our dedicated product team, they’ll help you get all the necessary information and answer all of your queries.

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