Energy saving system can cut corporate bills by one-quarter or more

Yesterday (Tuesday, March 5) morning the energy and climate change secretary said that these are exciting times for exporting the market in energy efficiency. Ed Davey, speaking at the Ecobuild conference in London, said firms must take advantage of the government’s new Green Deal scheme. He said Green Deal will be a massive positive business opportunity, but not just on these shores. He enthused: “Energy efficiency has the potential to be a great export market for British business as well.”

Ensure your business does not miss out on energy savings – HeatingSave can cut corporate bills by one-quarter or more. In almost all businesses the hot water immersion heater is timed to come on and off at certain times of the day. With HeatingSave, immersions demand is matched by the ‘heat profile algorithm’ to use the least amount of energy – this time saving money on the electricity bill. Complete control over the hot water temperature also allows you to include a hot water ‘boost’ to combat legionella.

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