Energy supplier EDF suggests single-pricing system for fuel

In all fairness, UK’s current energy tariff system is far from being the simplest and most easily accessible one, the vast majority of consumers having quite a bit of trouble in understanding the specific details of each fuel plan.

For this reason, EDF Energy, one of the country’s largest energy suppliers, is now calling for a revamping of the energy pricing system, designed to make it much simper and easier to grasp (similar to “petrol station forecourt” pricing, as they put it, as quoted by a news report on the matter).

However, such a measure would be extremely difficult to actually implement, due to the fact that companies offer such complex and complicated discount schemes (dual fuel plans, paperless billing, online-only accounts, etc.) that changing to simpler and leaner system would be next to impossible.

Not to mention that going to standard, straightforward pricing schemes might actually lead to energy suppliers simply eliminating the aforementioned discounts, which is something no customer would be particularly happy about.

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