Fight energy firm profits with heating that automatically turns down when nobody at home

Energy firms increased their profits from customers by 50 per cent in the space of four months, while Britain shivered through the coldest winter for decades. In the autumn the firms were making £65 annual profit per customer but that figure is now £97 on a typical household energy bill of £1,200. The energy regulator has the power to refer firms to the Competition Commission and Tim Yeo, Tory MP for Suffolk South, said: Ofgem need to show some teeth.”

To keep bills down, why not invest in the intelligent heating controller HeatingSave, where payback can be as little as a year. Connect our infra-red occupancy detectors to the HeatingSave controller and the heating will automatically turn itself down when nobody is at home but automatically turn up the heating when you arrive home and need it. Offices can hold the room temperature at a lower background heat and then automatically turn it up when people arrive – thus keeping you warm and saving you money. Typical savings are between 20 and 30 per cent.

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