Great deal cuts corporate energy bills by up to one-third

A think-tank is urging fo

r a ‘Green Deal’ to be set up for heavy industry to become more energy efficient. The Green Deal scheme has already been pe

ncilled in for homes to increase their energy efficiency. The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) says there are currently few positive incentives for manufacturers to cut emissions from plants. The IPPR argues a specific Green Deal for manufacturers would make better use of clean energy and promot

e energy-efficient processes.

From a single building to a large network of multi-site businesses with multiple boilers and heating zones, HeatingSave Enterprise can cut corporate energy bills by up to one-third. Distributed web based processing can be placed on your internal intranet or cloud computing hosted to allow you to better manage your business infrastructure like never before. The automatic processing nature of the HeatingSave Intelligent Controllers maintains comfort conditions and gives you peace of mind. It starts from just £2 per day for the basic fully functional IT based system.

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