Heating system makes big savings by automatically compensating for very warm or cold days

The government has been warned that there will be a 30 per cent rise in consumer energy bills by 2020 as a direct result of the coalition’s policies. The projected figure is blamed on policies like carbon pricing which are designed to promote the use of renewables. “Over time it is clear that the impact of our policies on consumer bills will become significantly greater,” senior policy advisor Ben Moxham states in a document seen by The Daily Telegraph.

The HeatingSave building energy management system (BEMS) can offset these predicted rises in bills by its savings of 30 per cent or potentially more. Room temperature set points are matched by the HeatingSave inbuilt ‘heat loss algorithm’ to automatically compensate for unusually warm or unusually cold days in spring and autumn. HeatingSave matches the outside temperature to the heating zone by automatically varying the zone set-point to the outside temperature. The user can vary the rate at which this is applied to each heating zone so they can balance this effect.

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