Heating system sets work temperature right to save money

Businesses’ energy bills could rise by 26 per cent in the next decade due to policies to cut emissions in the UK. In contrast, domestic bills would only rise by 1% in the same period, according to reports published by the Department of Energy and Climate Change. The Government is calling for input from various groups into changing the way in which the UK consumes and produces.

A way for businesses and homes to save on their fuel bills is to install a building energy management controller. A familiar story at work is an employee feels cold and turns up the heating thermostat. Instead of making a small adjustment, they turn it on full and when they get too hot, they open the window – thus wasting fuel. To counter this, the HeatingSave controller gets the temperature right so people don’t feel too hot or cold. Secondly, if employees feel too cold, they can hit a button to increase the room temperature. The heating will be turned up for a while, but will then automatically turn back, keeping the employee at the right comfort temperature – and saving money.

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