Heating turned off during weekends to save businesses 15% off costs

Twenty-seven per cent of small to medium-sized (SME) construction firms want to get involved in the Green Deal according to a recent survey. The Green Deal is the coalition’s flagship energy-efficiency policy; however the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) reports that many SMEs said the accreditation and application process was too complex. The FMB also asserts that a significant number of householders were unaware of the potential benefits because of a shortage of positive publicity about the new scheme.

Small businesses often pay more for their gas, electricity and heating oil, so it is important for these organisations to cut heating costs and save money. HeatingSave helps to claw back money wasted by businesses which consume more fuel than most houses because employees might not take care as much as they do in their own homes. HeatingSave Small Business includes heating pattern control so the heating is not on during weekends or holidays unless the building is being used – saving up to 15%.

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