Lincolnshire vows a 22% cut in carbon emissions by 2018

Following an already successful plan of reducing its carbon footprint, UK’s Lincolnshire county council has set itself a very ambitious target, namely that of cutting energy spending and carbon emissions by 22% over the next five years.

Beside leading by example in the struggle to protect the environment, the council also hopes that this commitment will lead to some much needed relief on their budget, estimated annual savings reaching £7 million by 2018.

Some of the proposed measures for attaining this very ambitious goal include car-sharing initiatives, increased use of public transport, employing biodiesel in fleet vehicles, the use of biomass for heating as well as the implementation of energy efficiency measures in buildings.

And energy efficiency is what HeatingSave is all about, since our advanced solution enables customers to actually reduce their building’s carbon footprint by optimizing the energy consumption levels (either gas, electricity or both). Not to mention that the bills will also go down in the process by up to an impressive 30 percent.

HeatingSave targets a wide array of customers and setups, its highly customizable nature making it a very good solution both for homes, smaller businesses (shops, stores, restaurants, pubs, care homes, healthcare and small schools, etc.) and the enterprise. In other words, it can actually help one cut down their personal carbon footprint multiple times, whether at home, work or out on the town.  

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