Manage your solar panel hot water system via intelligent heating controller

A global warming activist group has praised US President Barack Obama’s plans to put up solar panels on the White House roof in order to heat water and provide some electric power. Previous incumbents Jimmy Carter and George W Bush also installed panels. “Solar panels on one house, even this house, won’t save the climate, of course,” said the group on their website. “But they’re a powerful symbol to the whole nation about where the future lies.”

An advantage of the Building Energy Management System (BEMS) controller from HeatingSave is that you can also use it to run your solar panel system. The BEMS controller is Government (and Energy Saving Trust) approved to double up on savings by utilising glass evacuated solar tube collectors. Available from our partner company SolarSave, these are also called solar tubes and use the principle of the vacuum flask to efficiently capture the sun’s rays to heat water all the year round. If you decide that you are able to install the system yourself, the cost of a Collector, 300 litre cylinder system from us, including the HeatingSave BEMS, starts from around £3,500.

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