Microprocessor improves efficiency of central heating system to fight high fuel bills

Oil prices have shot up again as markets have reacted to Japan’s energy needs. Prices peaked today (Thursday, March 17) at more than $115 per barrel. Since much of Japan’s nuclear power sector has been shut down, the country is set to increase energy imports. Analysts have concluded that with its electricity generating capacity severely limited, Japan will need to step up its energy imports, meaning fossil fuels.

When oil was $50 a barrel consumers could have been forgiven for ignoring heating bills. Customers reeling from the high cost of oil central heating can replace your central heating clock with a HeatingSave controller which can save you £100’s, if not £1,000’s, off your heating bill. It usually pays for itself in less than a year. Install and forget is the principal of HeatingSave as its internal computer constantly calculates and improves the efficiency and savings of your central heating system. The PC energy management system even tells you how much oil is left in your tank.

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